Feng Shui at Work

Text by Jayme Barrett

When you look at your workspace, what do you see? Chaos? Confusion? According to the Chinese art of feng shui, the state of your environment mirrors your life. 

When you take control of your space, it creates positive energy for improving everything else. To feng shui your desk, start with a basic tool called the "bagua," an energy map that divides any space into nine areas, each corresponding to a part of your life (wealth, career, creativity, etc.). 

Ask yourself what one or two goals are most important to you, whether it's improved health, success, or inspiration. Then rearrange your desk based on the area of the bagua that matches those goals.

Back Left: Wealth
A plant encourages growth in this area, as does a water fountain or symbol of water. Other ideas: an item of value, such as a crystal vase, to represent your fortune.

Middle Left: Family
To nourish close ties, display a family photo, a gift from a family member, a wooden bowl or lamp. Accent this space in shades of blue or green.

Front Left: Knowledge
Keep books or reference materials here, along with a blue object (like a candle), to energize learning.

Back Center: Fame and Reputation
This area represents who you are to the world -- your character and image. Place a red lamp or candle, your business cards, or an award or certificate here.

Middle Center: Health
Keep this area clear of dust or dirt. Energize it with yellow or green, or symbols of the earth (flowers, stones, or shells).

Front Center: Career
Place your computer here, and select an image of water (ocean, waterfall) for your desktop screen to symbolize money. Use green accents for new opportunities and red ones for motivation.

Back Right: Relationships
Display a picture of you and your loved one, or a red or pink flower in a small vase to invite more successful relationships into your life.

Middle Right: Creativity
Add a journal or light to enhance creativity. Place colored Post-its here or items made of copper, silver, gold, or other metals.

Front Right: Helpful People
Keep your telephone and project and client files here to stay connected to those who support you and your work. Accent colors are gray and silver.

Jayme Barrett is a feng shui expert and the author of "Feng Shui Your Life."

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