Eco-Craft: "Grateful" Place Cards

With all the traveling, cooking, baking, and eating, it's easy for the meaning of Thanksgiving to get lost in the shuffle. 

This year, go back to the basics -- with a twist. Instead of going around the table, telling everyone what you're thankful for, try a more personalized approach with recycled "grateful" place cards. For each guest, think about something that has made a difference in your life (mom's ability to make you see the silver lining or a big sister who's also a best friend). 

Jot it down on a piece of old cardboard, the inside of a cereal box, or any other firm writing surface you can salvage. Then cut a slit in an old wine cork and slide the card in. It's an ecofriendly way to spread the love -- and you'll be surprised by how something so simple can impart so much meaning.

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