Recycled Craft: Dress-Shirt Pillow

Got some tired-looking throw pillows and a shirt with a case of ring-around-the-collar? Dress up your bed.

What You Need

  • Dress shirt
  • Iron
  • Pillow form or batting
  • Pen
  • Needle
  • Thread

1. Place pillow form on an ironed, buttoned shirt. (If using batting, try a pizza pan to get a nice circle.) Trace the shape with a pen and cut the fabric 1/2 inch outside your line.


2. With the outer panels facing each other, stitch all the way around -- about 1/2 inch inside the fabric edge.


3. Turn right-side out and unbutton to insert your pillow form or stuff with batting, then button back up. Your new pillowcase can be machine washed using the gentle cycle.

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