10 Steps to a Stress-Free Home


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  • barikus 29 Nov, 2013

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  • isabellaveracruz 2 Jan, 2011

    I found that the book by Sheila Chandra: BANISH CLUTTER FOREVER, was more than a help to de-clutter one's home. It clears one's mind and while reading it, I felt like I was having a conversation with a wise, honest and caring friend. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  • karpgirl9 25 Oct, 2010

    I love "the state of your bed reflects the state of your head"! I've always felt that if the outside is more together, whether it's my home, my office, my car or even my personal appearance, the more together I feel on the inside.

  • moonshells 21 Oct, 2010

    Thanks for the simple but meaningful suggestions. I even live alone and find I need to do some of these things. Virnell

  • mydreams 27 Sep, 2010

    Wonderful ideas... i think we ignore simple things that make us happy too often. Let's be happy and stress free!

  • rosemarie11 27 Sep, 2010

    I really enjoyed this series. Over the years, our house has gone from a mess to relatively ordered, and we are more peaceful in it. Thanks for good work!

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