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  • 22 Apr, 2013

    Just wanted to share what I've read about diverticulitis and Quinoa ...
    For many years, physicians believed nuts, seeds and small kernels of grains could cause diverticulosis or make it worse, so they advised patients to avoid these foods. However, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders now says you don't need to eliminate any specific foods during the chronic phase of your disease. But you can consult your physician and decide together. Livestrong

  • 4 Feb, 2013

    I had the same problem as other reviewers. I let most of the liquid cook out of the quinoa (I used coconut milk) before adding the egg/sugar mixture (I only used 1/4 c.of honey and it was plenty sweet), but it just didn't have that nice pudding consistency. I added unsweetened coconut flakes instead of the dried fruit and while the end result was tasty, it just wan't what a pudding ought to be. I'm going to try this recipe next time: http://www.tammysrecipes.com/quinoa_pudding

  • 20 Jan, 2013

    Get over yourself Crystal. Coming off at Trek with "I am not sure what your credentials are" while pushing the WRONG info is idiocy at its best. Your information is OUTDATED. Check your facts BEFORE assuming that because you are a nurse you are "all-knowing". Using your profession as a way to validate yourself, then offering up antiquated medical facts is an embarrassment to nurses everywhere. Time for you to retire. Check your holier than thou attitude at the door.

  • 13 Jan, 2013

    Crystal, Trex is correct. i suffer with Diverticulitis and my Gastro said the exact same thing that the info on seeds is very outdated.....

  • 28 Nov, 2012

    I am not sure what your credentials are Trex but that is not a fallacy. I am a nurse and I frequently have patients with Diverticulitis and diverticulosis. These people should not be eating nuts and seeds. The only way these people should ever consume nuts or seeds is if they finely grind them in a recipe.

  • 2 Jun, 2012

    But not all seeds are grains.

  • 16 Feb, 2012

    Just a note: all grains are seeds!

  • 11 Sep, 2010

    The information that you cannot eat seeds if you have diverticulosis is outdated. Current up to date evidenced based medicine shows this to be an old fallacy that continues to live on. Check out Mayo Clinic's website on this topic. There is no validity in it at all.

  • 23 Jul, 2010

    Quinoa is actually a seed although it is almost always cooked and used as a grain. Cooked quinoa has a consistency somewhat like brown rice and a mild, almost nutty flavor. So when prepared, it is not hard like other seeds such as poppy, rye or sesame seeds. We cook it and use it just like you'd cook and use rice. You could check with your doctor to see if quinoa could be allowed in your diet - just a thought....

  • 28 Jan, 2010

    I Quinoa a seed because I am unable to eat seeds due to a diverticular condition.

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