50 Ways to Stand Up to Cancer

Discover delicious recipes and fresh tips for the fight against cancer.


Stand Up To Cancer’s ultimate goal is to turn every person diagnosed with cancer into a survivor. Each time this digital issue is viewed, we’ll make a donation to the initiative. 

With each view, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia will make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer. Donation will be made by December, 31 2012 and will not exceed $10,000. Stand Up To Cancer is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


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Comments (31)

  • 28 Nov, 2013

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  • 2 Nov, 2013

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  • 18 Feb, 2013

    "Document not found" is appearing. Can you look into that

  • 17 Sep, 2012

    Good recipes. However when battling cancer- you probably won't eat acidic foods- nor will you want to eat ruffage during radiation treatments since you will be having voracious continous bathroom issues.
    Also, check the estrogen levels of food - yes plant estrogen in chickpeas is a no no when you are fighting estrogen receptive cancers.
    Now that I am cancer free - these are recipes i will use. But during treatment foods and smells could send you to the bathroom.

  • 8 Sep, 2012

    A preventive vaccine, developed by Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic was found to be 100% effective in preventing breast cancer in mice. Even mice bred for a high incidence of breast cancer failed to develop it when the vaccine was administered. Further, researchers found that mice already infected with breast cancer saw a marked reduction in tumors after being given this vaccine.

    Only $6 Million is needed to move forward with clinical trials and FDA approval. The PinkVaccine.com

  • 7 Sep, 2012

    Yes, changing the way you eat after a cancer diagnosis CAN make a difference. There is ample evidence that positive changes to diet and lifestyle can reduce the recurrence of cancer.

    These recipes look delicious, just a bit surprised no mention of ground flax seed. Again, look at the research out there showing the benefits of this fantastic fiber source.

  • 7 Sep, 2012

    What fabulous recipes! I'll have to recommend some of these to my grandmother who is battling this ugly disease as we speak.

    I left my tribute to her on Gateway For Cancer Research's "Cancer Canvas" -- it's a beautiful way to show your support and I highly recommend it! Here's a quick link: http://owl.li/dya7g

  • 31 Aug, 2012

    I enjoyed the article, but find confusing commnets: blueberries are very sensitive to pesticides, so they cannot be very much sprayed... and you don't mention all the residues of post-crop chemicals present in orange and lemon peel, while you recommend its consumption... I would say GO ORGANIC, allways, for your healt and the health of our Planet!

  • 29 Aug, 2012


    It's not all about you. If you read the introduction I believe that you'll see that this issue is all about how eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight may help prevent you from getting cancer. Once you have cancer you have it; does what you eat at that point make a difference? The key is to do everything in your power to try to prevent getting cancer to begin with and they give a lot of great tips for doing that in this issue.

  • 27 Aug, 2012

    Having stage 4 cancer is not the best thing that ever happened to me but having the love and support from my family and friends is the best!!When I was diagnosed my oncologist told me the best thing for this disease is a positive attitude.YES it works!!!The other and just as important step is overcoming the negative energy. Ct Scan and an MRI are not fun and they are challenging. SELF hypnosis works!! I am a success!!!

  • 27 Aug, 2012

    Visually each healthy recipe was brought to life. I am looking forward to tasting them now. Thank you for a creative way to fight cancer.

  • 27 Aug, 2012

    Lovely to look at. Thank you for your donation. Appreciated the nutritional information, and would have loved to see the sugar content - since cancer LOVES sugar.

  • 27 Aug, 2012

    Gorgeous layout and wonderful recipes. Thank you for this digital version and your donation to cancer research.

  • 27 Aug, 2012

    Eat colorful food to live a long healthy life.

  • 24 Aug, 2012

    "Document not found"???

  • 20 Aug, 2012

    Not able to open on mybipad.. Help!

  • 18 Aug, 2012

    Eat anything with Curry in it: "Curcumin and Cancer Cells: How Many Ways Can Curry Kill Tumor Cells Selectively?" Curcumin is the yellow pigment in Turmeric/Curry powder. It's been found to kill MANY kinds of cancer, including #Melanoma and #Neuroblastoma. This article comes from the US Government's National Institutes of Health PubMed database, which is like an on-line library of all published scientific papers relating to medical research. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2758121/

  • 18 Aug, 2012

    Is it possible to obtain a print copy of this issue, or will it automatically come to Whole Living subscribers?

  • 17 Aug, 2012

    Where is the expand button? I see only a partial page on my iPad.

  • 17 Aug, 2012

    This doesn't seem to come up on my iPad. Will it be available?

  • 16 Aug, 2012

    Re: first comment from mile_m asking "How do we save this?"

    Where is "expand" to hit for the right to view it free right in my browser?

  • 15 Aug, 2012

    How do we save this?

  • 15 Aug, 2012

    Leigh Runkle and vzbreezy, no need to purchase this issue -- it's free! Just hit "Expand" and you can view right in your browser.

    Whole Living

  • 15 Aug, 2012

    How do I purchase this?

  • 15 Aug, 2012

    I am grateful for the wonderful information & the beautiful illustrations. They delight my senses and help me breathe through the issue of breast cancer that is currently running riot through my family. I am able to share these ideas with them and incorporate them into my life to stave off cancer myself (I hope).

  • 14 Aug, 2012

    I am the caregiver for my mom, who has pancreatic cancer. I know she tries to do the right things to take care of herself. I would consider buying this, I think it is an excellent guide!

  • 13 Aug, 2012

    As cancer continues to plague our society reaching all ages, genders and races, it is imperative that we seek organic and natural solutions to combat this monster. Thank you for providing an alternative resource and for making a donation to the fight for cancer.

  • 13 Aug, 2012

    There are a few recipes I need to modify because of my food allergies. It would be nice to see alternatives for those of us who can't eat certain foods.

  • 13 Aug, 2012

    Recipes look good! Will be trying some soon! One question though, how do you shred kale?

  • 13 Aug, 2012

    I have Adenocarcinoma Cancer. Nice idea, but the issue does not send a Positive Message to ME! You Need More Input from active chemotherapy patients...like me. Your ideas are just not realistic when you are fighting just to keep food down! Sorry to burst your bubble. Barbara

  • 13 Aug, 2012

    I'll do anything I can to make everyone with cancer a survivor! If you preview this magazine they will make a donation to help that cause. And you all know I am a Martha Stewart wannabee. Great food ideas and standing up to cancer!

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